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Introducing the Home Upgrades Program 

We help Albertans reduce their energy consumption by installing energy-saving measures and providing energy education free of charge

Are Your Energy Bills Weighing You Down? 

Improving the Lives and Homes of Albertans 

Life is expensive enough without the stress of high and sometimes unaffordable energy bills. For the one in five Albertan families struggling to pay these bills, high energy costs can mean compromising on life necessities such as health, food, safety, and comfort.  

The Home Upgrades Program offers free energy efficiency education and home upgrades to qualified families living in Calgary and Edmonton. We identify and install home upgrades based on each household’s unique needs, such as new furnaces and insulation. The program is designed to reduce energy costs and improve the comfort, safety, and efficiency of the homes of hardworking Albertans.  


Approximately 1 in 5 Albertan households are struggling to pay their energy bills. 

We Can Help.

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Households struggling to pay their energy bills often live in less energy efficient homes. Inefficient heating systems, old appliances, and poor building conditions are often to blame, making well selected energy efficiency measures a proven and cost-effective solution to reducing energy bills. 

The Home Upgrades Program provides varying levels of support, products, and installations based on each household’s unique needs and circumstances. 

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If you are a homeowner living in Edmonton or Calgary, and are struggling to pay your energy bills, you can apply to the Home Upgrades Program.  

While we would like to approve every application, this program currently has limited capacity. 


Canada’s Leading


We implement solutions that address the technical, educational, and behavioural components of energy efficiency.

Our team has worked with close to 5,000 Albertan households to help reduce energy bills, improve the efficiency of homes, and offer in depth education to support the needs of our communities.

Our team is from Alberta! As a community-based organization, we hire locally. 

Our trained professionals have worked in thousands of homes across Alberta – they've seen it all and will identify how our program can help you based on your needs

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How it works



We’ll contact you to let you know the level of support you are eligible for and to give you information on next steps. 

While not every applicant will qualify for home upgrades or an energy savings kit, all applicants will receive an invitation to join a free energy savings workshop. 


Complete our application form to help us determine the level of home upgrade support that best suits you.


(403) 536-4006


About us

Empower Me and Alberta Ecotrust Foundation have partnered to deliver Alberta's first and only program to help homeowners reduce their energy costs through a combination of education and targeted home upgrades. 

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Empower Me provides energy literacy education and home upgrade support to communities often missed by traditional programming. We work closely with our parent organization, Kambo Energy Group, an equity-based social enterprise that designs and delivers solutions to reduce energy poverty and improve housing to underserved communities. 


Alberta Ecotrust Foundation is an environmental charity that leads urban climate change action and is a critical source of funding and capacity-building for the province’s environmental nonprofit community.

This program would not be possible without the generous support of our funders 

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